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Exploring My Father, Part 1Exploring My Father, copyright 2002 kastorywriter
Email me at kastorywriterhotmail.comAll the usual disclaimers apply. If you’re offended by sexually explicit
material, or if it’s illegal to view this material in the area where you
live, stop right now and go read something else.Exploring My Father, Part 1As early as I can remember I was Dark Lolita Bbs interested in my father’s body. He was so
tall and handsome and masculine that my eyes were always drawn to him
whether he was clothed or naked (but especially when he was naked). He was
tall like I am with a solid build. He was a big man but he wasn’t fat–you
might call him big boned. He was always clean cut and clean shaven, with
dark brown hair and deep dark eyes. He had a hairy chest and a thick dark
trail that ran from between his pecs down to his bush. He was a sight to
see.I can remember being very young and being very interested in seeing his
cock. Of course, at that age my cock was small and hairless, with a very
small, smooth sac up tight underneath it. My father wasn’t modest, so I
would see his cock and balls often, and I always looked at them as long as I
could without staring and drawing attention to myself. Even at that age I
knew there was something naughty about staring at my father’s cock like
that, but it was so beautiful that I just couldn’t help myself.He was cut, and his shaft was on the thick side. His glans was quite
prominent with a very wide flare and a thick ridge that separated the glans
from his shaft. When he wore his briefs you could always make out the ridge
because it was so pronounced and it pushed so hard against the fabric. His
piss slit was very wide and very long—easily the longest slit I’ve ever
seen. And his balls hung so perfectly: they were large nuts that hung low
and easy in a very soft sac, a couple inches below the length of his dick.
He was so perfectly proportioned and I thought his organ looked so manly. He
wasn’t Dark Lolita Bbs overly large, but that didn’t matter to me. I was young and small and
his cock huge and beautiful.Just above his organ sprouted a huge, thick, dark bush. It was at least as
large as his hand, and it spread up and away from his shaft, spreading onto
his upper thighs. I’d look at that hair and dream about being just like him
because I knew that bush was what it meant to be a man.I would take every opportunity I could to see him naked or just to get a
good look at his cock. As I said, he wasn’t modest, so I’d see it fairly
often, when he’d strip to get changed with the door open or he’d walk from
the bedroom to the bathroom to shower or Dark Lolita Bbs wash up. I’d love to go sit on his
bed as he got changed so I could watch him walk around so casually, his cock
and balls bouncing and swaying from side to side as he walked around the
room. I’d stare as much as I could, but I would always be careful not to let
him see me. I didn’t want him to think I was weird.I also used to love to watch him piss. I remember one time while we were
traveling to see my grandparents. I was 5 or 6 at the time, and because all
the urinals were full, we both went into a stall to pee. I pretended to
nonchalantly pull out my small cock and start to pee as I watched his every
move. He unzipped his Dark Lolita Bbs jeans and fished his cock out of the fly. I marveled
at the chiseled features of his glans and how they flared so widely. My
glans were barely distinguishable from my shaft, and I hoped my cock would
be like his someday. He looked up at the ceiling as he started to piss, so I
got to watch him without having to look away or peer at him out of the
corner of my eye. As I watched his slit seemed to open wider as the thick
stream of piss started to flow out of the tip of his shaft. The slit was so
wide that the stream made a huge thundering noise at it hit the water in the
bowl. I was so intent on watching him that I forgot I had to pee and just
stood holding my small member, feeling it getting stiff between my fingers.
I marveled at the size of his slit and wondered what it would be like to put
my finger in it. After about a minute the stream slowed down as the slit
began to close, and I looked away just as he looked down to start shaking
his cock and check to see how I was doing. I tried to shove my stiff cock in
my pants as quickly Dark Lolita Bbs
as I could, but I’m sure he saw I was hard because he
gave me a little smirk before he asked if I was all set. I nodded as he
tucked his organ in his pants and reached to flush the toilet.I remember another time when I was about 6, and I came home from a friends
house and went upstairs to see my father in his bedroom. He’d just come back
from playing tennis with one of his friends, and had just emerged from the
shower. He had on his robe and was lying back on his bed with his feet flat
on the bed and his knees in the air, staring at the ceiling. He didn’t have
a thing on under his robe, and his crotch was facing the door as I walked
in. I had the best view then that I’d ever had of my father’s manhood: the
very center of his masculinity was right there in front of my face, and I
stood dumbfounded by its beauty. His nuts hung full in their soft, furry
sac, resting gently on the bed. His cock was draped over his nuts, the
sculpted head pink and moist after his shower.He didn’t know I was standing there, so I stood quietly and just took in all
his glory. I so wanted to touch him, to feel him and his manhood, but I knew
it would never happen. As I started at his crotch wide open in full few I
could feel myself stiffen in my jeans, feel the tightness in my groin as my
small member grew fully rigid. I reached down and squeezed my dick, and it
felt good squeezing it while staring at my father in all his glory. I felt
so close to him right that minute; seeing him so exposed and vulnerable gave
us an intimacy like we hadn’t had until then. Sure, I’d seen his cock
before, but I’d never seen him so wide open and so exposed.I knew then that I had to do whatever I could to touch him…
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